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How much should I charge?

This is not an easy answer to provide. There are many variables that can dictate what price would be appropriate to ask per week. These can be (but are not limited to):

  • How many bedrooms are in the property in total?
  • How many people you are expecting to stay in total (bearing in mind students normally want a room to themselves)?
  • Are you including bills, internet, phone?
  • How close in proximity is the property to the university and transport?
  • Are there any other factors affecting price that could mean a higher or lower price?

The easiest way to figure pricing out is how much is the property per week, divided by how many people are intending to live in the property. Bear in mind, students are always attracted to prices that are lower. 

How do I edit my listing?

You will need to log in to view your property. When you find the property you want to edit, click on the address, which will open your listing.

At the top of your listing where the address is in the heading, you should see two links, Make Changes and Close. Click on Make Changes.

* Please note, changes are not approved automatically. Please allow up to 48 hours for changes to be made to your listing (this timeframe can increase over the weekend or public holiday period).

How do I close my listing?

Closing your listing is easy, simply follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Dashboard.
  • Once in your Dashboard, you should see your listings. Click on the listing you wish to close
  • On the heading (it should read something like 'House, Test Road'), you will see two links: Edit and Close. Click on the Close link.
  • Once you click the link, another pop up window will appear asking you if you really want to close your listing. Click on the 'Close this listing' button to remove your listing from the public domain.
  • Your listing is now closed. If you choose to relist in the future, simply log back in and hit the relist link from your Dashboard.

When will my listing be approved?

There is usually a 24 hour turnaround for listing approvals, this can sometimes take longer if listing on a Friday or weekend, in which case your listing will be reviewed the following working day.

How long will my listing last for?

Listings last for a period of one month from the approval date. The reason for this is that sometimes providers forget to close a listing once they have found a tenant, and this can be particularly disheartening for students seeking accommodation.